Rock music

Rock music originated from the famous words rock and roll in the United States in the early 20th century like the pop music. The singers of rock music are called as rock singers that travel over the English-speaking countries. Rock music is widely popular and hence it is performed in a wide range of different styles. Its major elements include from Jump-Blues and swing with the increased prominence given the role of the electronic guitar from Chicago blues. Rock was typically characterized by a verse-chorus structure with a backbeat rhythm and the prominence of the electric guitar at the forefront of the music is heavier and/or faster than its predecessor genres.Mostly it is accompanied with a fast beat by bass and drums that give a loud and stunning performance. During that period rock expanded the use of the electric guitar with different effects and styles, the use of heavier riffs and more experimental solos. A raw, straightforward attitude and way of playing by the artists, along with a counterculture aesthetic shaped the rock music and singers that make the audience gets addicted and admired with the live performance on stage.