Pop music

Pop music, a genre of popular modern music originated first around the United States and the United Kingdom in the year seventeenth century. The main reason to get popular is that singers usually play with the electronic musical instruments that make people go nutty as a fruitcake. Since it holds only short songs with simple tunes and lyrics, it is probably called as famous music or popular music. Pop music makes people dance on the floors bothering none in the surroundings. Most singers hold the guitar in their hands and compose lot more songs based on love, problems in relationships, social concerns, etc. also, people impress the audience not only with their music performance, they also perform rocking dance performance on the stage itself.Pop music attracts the viewers to get addicted to its simple and easy remembering lyrics that make them sing along with the singers with accurate pitch and other musical elements. Most singers get inspired by the top musicians from juvenile since now. Moreover, they come from the viewers and hence they know how to get the attention of the audience with their stunning people. Pop music holds a song duration of maximum four minutes that covers all the musical styles and instruments and hence it gets the most popular music name from the music lovers.