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Miss America Goes Digital

Added by Brad Baldwin | March 24, 2008

As CMO of StoryRock Electronic Publishing, Sharlene Hawkes wants every service man and woman to have a Remember My Service digital yearbook that highlights their military experience. And this former Miss America and one of the first female, on-air, ESPN sportscasters certainly has the energy and passion to make it happen.

As Hawkes points out, the military is capturing hours of video content that isn’t being used. In addition, the tools available today to bring stories to life makes it easy to create a digital publication that is interactive, engaging and far more memorable. The popularity of social networks like Facebook and MySpace are driving awareness and creating the expectation for more than a static picture book. Paying tribute to a fallen friend through a story captured on video is more personal and helpful to the soldiers, the family and to the military.

Hawkes talks with Brad Baldwin about her efforts to share the Remember My Service to military leaders, business executives and even local communities who want to gives something back to those who have served.

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