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Will it Blend? $50 Gets Six (6) Million Hits in Five (5) Days

Added by Brad Baldwin | November 16, 2006

Tom Dickson and George Wright of BlendtecGeorge Wright, Marketing Director at Blendtec, invited us back stage for the filming of Blendtec’s next “Will it Blend” video. Currently YouTube’s #3 most watched video producer, Blendtec has found an amazing ROI for their $50 marketing spend. With over 6 million visitors to their web site in just five (5) short days, it’s been like hitting the mother-lode for the typically under-the-radar commercial small appliance manufacturer. More interesting than the awareness is Blendtec’s use of blogs, RSS, and comments from watchers/readers to feed future creative. And with over 10,000 comments from prospects in 10 days since their campaign launch, there’s certainly no shortage of ideas.

Tom Dickson, the chief actor and executive office at Blendtec, establishes trust through his “extreme blending” product demos and down-home personality. As Wright says, “what you see is what you get.” Destined to be an MBA business case classic, Blendtec spins up a brand-building showcase through its use of social media technology that even the hippest Madison Avenue firms are struggling to figure out.

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  1. » The World Famous Friday Round Up on November 17th, 2006 2:20 pm

    [...] Orem based Blendtec made a huge splash on YouTube with its “will it blend” campaign. This is sure to go on to be a famous marketing case study.  For just $50 the campaign has had millions of views in one week of its cool blender shredding everything from golf balls, marbles and sticks.  Check out the commentary on Rocky Mountain Voices. I wonder what the effect on sales has been? [...]

  2. Where Rss Meets Media » Blog Archive » Excellent Example of Viral Marketing - Will it Blend? on November 21st, 2006 2:32 pm

    [...] Will it blend? Yes it will and it will blend up some great marketing for Blendtec. This series of video’s they posted on YouTube “was viewed five million times and had 10,000 comments.” Now that is what I call marketing genius. I had seen this video early on and then read a post over on the Scobelizer blog about it as well. Then I listened to the Interview over on Rocky Mountain Voices and felt that I had to share this info here on “Where RSS Meets Media”. They have a series of video’s, that they plan on continuing, here is on of my favorites: Will It Blend? - The Movie [...]

  3. » Blog Archive » Will it Blend? on December 14th, 2006 1:20 am

    [...] “Will it blend? That is the question“. Esta campaña publicitaria ha resultado un rotundo éxito para la marca de licuadoras BlendTec. La idea es simple, publicar videos en donde uno de los directivos de la empresa licúa cosas tan inusuales como bolas de golf, pucks de hockey, una lata de coca cola, plumones, etc., para demostrar la calidad de su producto. Los videos hechos al más puro estilo casero y ochentero de infomercial (con música a doc y todo) han tenido un éxito inusitado en youtube y le han logrado 6 millones de hits en tan solo 5 días, además de complementar la campaña con el sitio que aprovecha todo lo que la Web social ofrece hoy en día: blog, RSS, comentarios, experimentos de clientes, etc. [...]

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    [...] After you watch all of the videos (Try This at Home and Don’t Try This at Home) you can listen to the podcast, bid on the eBay Auction for the blended iPod, and then you can buy the bumper sticker! [...]

  5. Over the River » Social Media: decapitalizing the “I” in ROI on June 25th, 2007 7:55 am

    [...] create the “Will it Blend” program. In its first five days, that $50 investment led to SIX MILLION visits to the company’s Web site. (That works out to approximately 0.000008 cents per vistior - a [...]

  6. Blendtec featured in WSJ : Will the real BRAD BALDWIN please stand up? on July 2nd, 2007 2:07 pm

    [...] Last fall, I met George Wright at Blendtec when they launched their “Will it Blend” campaign. We highlighted Blendtec on Rocky Mountain Voices. [...]

  7. Seth Godin Says Blendtec Does it Right : Will the real BRAD BALDWIN please stand up? on December 11th, 2007 9:57 am

    [...] did recognize George Wright’s efforts at Blendtec, who I interviewed in a podcast at the beginning of their campaign. Blendtec has been wise stewards of a small marketing budget [...]

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